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July 19, 2008


Ho Nam

I came across this blog reading some of the comments on the long tail debate. You are correct and I'm just amazed that all of the commentary as well as Chris and Anita's articles and rebuttals missed the point.

Most people try to predict the future looking into the rearview mirror and seems to guide most movie producers trying to produce the next blockbuster, book publishers promoting the next hit, venture capitalists trying to create the next homerun, etc. They are completely misguided.

I've written about the VC industry's futile attempts at manufacturing the blockbusters: Venture Lotto, Swinging for the Fences and Cargo Cult Capital are a few of the articles you may want to check out.

Vijay Chittoor

Ho, thanks for the pointers to the articles on your blog. I enjoyed reading them, and will keep following the blog for more interesting posts.


very well analysed. its amazing how the very basic laws of cause and effect or for that matter basic A>B>C logic is so difficult to see in the real world. one reason could be that people don't break facts down to their basic version and continue seeing it in their entirety.

and i am hooked to your blog :)

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