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September 19, 2008



StumbleUpon is the best social bookmarking service available, in my opinion. They should wait for the markets to rebound and sell it at the height of the stock rally.

Kartik Agaram

"It's just naive to assume that social bookmarking sites will be able to build better search just based on tagging."

I think you overstate.

I have to *really* squint to see arbitrary webpages as tags. The major keywords on a webpage are often not linkified; instead what's linkified is words like 'this' or 'click here'. There's a huge difference between writing and writing with the intent of tagging. The former requires text mining to process, the latter 'merely' good HCI.

Google has much that StumbleUpon does not, but it is also missing one data source. Bookmark-style tagging is available to anyone, not just the writer of the page. You don't have to own a webpage to tag links. The population of people willing to type tags into amazon or etsy or yelp or delicious far exceeds the number of people maintaining webpages that Google crawls. Indeed, it's closer to the number of people _using_ Google.

I'm not saying StumbleUpon will slay Google, just that the comparison is plausible and has subtleties.

Comparing #results on stumbleUpon and google is unfair for several reasons:

a) It focuses on a specific implementation of bookmarking engine and search engine.

b) StumbleUpon is arguably less mature than Google.

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